LoClar Uniques, Inc./ItsAlotAlike.com is not a manufacturer. We are a wholesale/retailer of fashion jewelry and other items. Although many of our products resemble or may resemble some designers they are in NO way made by designers. Our line is costume fashion jewelry. These items do NOT come stamped with a designer’s logo or in a logo box.

LoClar Uniques, Inc./ItsAlotAlike.com does not sell originals and is not in any way an authorized representative of any designer.

Our jewelry is lead compliant & is electroplated with gold or has a rhodium finish. Some items are combinations of both. This jewelry is designed to maintain its finish if properly taken care of. Remember that this is costume jewelry. Do not use harsh jewelry cleaners with chemicals. Use a natural cleaner and do not leave soaking for more than 2-3 minutes. One of the best ways to keep your jewelry looking great is NOT to spray your perfume or hairspray on yourself after the jewelry has been put on. Hairspray and perfume can cause damage to even fine jewelry. With the proper care your bling will maintain a “like new” finish for a very long time!