Christian Lanyard Badge Holder Id Holder Tree of Life N0044


Jewelry and Personalities

The jewelry we put on expresses much about our qualities or personalities.  Unlike clothing which you may wear occasionally, jewelry is actually a choice that requires more dedication.  Because jewelry lasts in excess of the newest clothing fad.  We sometimes choose styles that characterize our deepest personality.

There are essentially two camps of ornament fans.  People that prefer silver jewelry and those who prefer gold.  Some may be mix and match and wear both.  If you’re the type who likes complex silver necklaces, silver rings, silver bracelets and designer inspired jewelry in dazzling silver, your own preference will reveal a lot about your personality.  These silver lanyards make the perfect teachers gift!

You should Not be the Type that Follows the Crowd

Gold jewelry can often be represented in commercials and placed in the most visualized positions in the jewelry stores.  However, there are still a huge number of  people who fancy the attractive look of silver to gold.  This category isn’t relying upon what the crowds think is essentially the most elegant yellow metal.  They follow their unique heart, their own personal passions, and have their own personal style.

Be More Interested In Natural Beauty

Having a lot of gold bling is fantastic in case you are selecting them for  glamorous look. Christian Lanyard Badge Holder provides an air of classic beauty. Christian Lanyard Badge Holder Id Holder Tree of Life. You will love this tree of life silver tone badge holder. If you wear a lanyard or id holder to work you will notice how much attention you will get.  It is the perfect gift for your loved ones. The chain is 30″ plus a 3″ extender for up to 33″. The tree of life portion measures 1 1/8″ across and has a clip for your badge and a weight of 1.5 oz.

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Gorgeous, strong ladies have beautified their themselves in silver in most cultures and society from around the world to today’s classic Hollywood celebrities.

Be on Track With Today’s Trends

Silver is the new gold among our celebrities all over the world today.  Celebrities like Oprah, Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham and more are sporting silver nowadays.  And even when you don’t have a high profile bank account, within your budget, you can still afford a stunning designer inspired jewelry modeled in the present hottest trends at, the home of fashion jewelry.

Whether your thing is classic silver rings or designer inspired silver jewelry, silver can be a choice that tells the world that you are independent, self confident, stylish,and grateful for pure beauty.